Monday, March 3, 2014

Potty Training: Introduction

So I failed to mention the epic P word (Potty) in my Olivia Madison post because I wanted to share it with you all separately this way I can go into a lot more detail.


Don't think I don't know that 9 out of 10 of you are sitting behind your screens reading this and thinking I'm crazy as heck for even mentioning the word Potty when my daughter is just over a year old. I noticed and I’m going to share my story any way lol but, will clarify the following before I proceed;
  • We (The Brown household) are exploring the potty because she likes it.She loves singing and moving to the beat while on it. And don't get me started on how much she loves to push the handle to initiate the celebration once she's done.
  • My child does NOT cry, scream, or yell during potty time otherwise I wouldn't place her on it. and there are no extreme amounts of pressure on her to use it.
  • Most of the times she goes but when she doesn't we say good job on sitting on the potty like a big girl we are so proud of her.
  • Lastly, she enjoys it so we make fun with learning because we can :)
Now that we have that out the way. Here’s where we are...

In general conversation around Olivia's first birthday my friend was providing motherly advice and strongly advised I start introducing Olivia Madison to the potty. I mentioned that I didn't have one and low and behold she purchased Olivia one for her birthday (Thanks Amber).I was just happy to have a potty and check buying one of my list of to-do’s until, I realized the hip hip hooray I kept hearing was coming from the box that contained it.  Olivia was playing with the handle and trying to rip the box open so she could continue to play with it. The next day I took it out the box and begin to explain what it was to her. Thinking to myself that after dinner we could give the introduction thing a try.
That night I sat her on it just about 5 minutes after she ate I placed her on the potty. She smiled while I sang, did her business (both number 1 and 2), and pushed the lever down. I was elated my tiny tot was using the bathroom like a big girl. We celebrated with a song and dance and moved on with the rest of our nightly routine. Since, her first night on the potty we have incorporated using the potty in our nightly routine. Although, we are very limited on how much time she is able to spend on it since, it’s not really something her daycare is reinforcing we will continue to slowly add potty timet in other parts of her home routine. So stick around because I’ll be sure to keep you posted on how she is doing with it :)

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