Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Memory Lane: Winter ONEderland (Outfit)

Of all the post in this series this is by far the one I’m most excited to share. Not only do I love talking about my little diva fashions, but for the most part all her outfits turned out just as I expected. Yes I said all her outfitsJ.  Turned out she needed an outfit for the cake smash session, party, and her actual birthday. As I told you in my previous post we had a lot going on in one weekend, and of course being that she’s only a toddler I wanted to have several outfits in case things got messy with one or two of them along the way.  I didn’t want to waste my time fighting stains during a hectic weekend. When I’d much rather take that pressure off in that area and simply allow her to be free to enjoy herself, so momma had options on deck.
Cake Smash
Once I knew the theme for of the party I immediately emailed Baby O’s photographer Alana Marie Imagery (she is a beast, like serious I’m never disappointed with her work.) to book the cake smash session. I had already dropped the hint that I wanted to do one over the summer at our family 6 month photo shoot, but I needed to email her so she’d know I was serious, reserve our date, and start brainstorming on how the set would look. Emailing Alana got me super excited and directly after, I stayed up really late one sleepless night scouring one of my favorite sites for handmade items...Etsy.  When I first started my Etsy search I wasn’t quite sure what type of look I was going for, but very soon into it I found the perfect look via a site called lilabbehandmade. This site had the cutest little tutu sets I’d ever seen and trust having a daughter I had seen a ton lol. But, these were different and could be customized so no two were the sameJ. Talk about exclusive, It was perfect. After looking through all the designs the shop offered, and reading through some of their reviews, I immediately messaged them with a laundry list of questions.  Much to my surprise the owner Wendy responded promptly and we spent the rest of that night ironing out the details.  I felt so comfortable with her work and responses I wanted to see Baby O’s outfit right then and there lol. Unfortunately, that couldn’t happen as this shop was very high and demand and me placing my order in November only meant that I was guaranteed to receive it just a few days before the big photo shoot. Naturally the wait time had me nervous but I checked my nerves at the door because as I stated above...momma had options. When I received this outfit the week of Baby O’s photo session it was totally worth every dime I spent and all the anxiety had. Wendy had out done herself and I honestly couldn’t believe that she created such a masterpiece from just these few details...
 Final product photos
Party Outfit
Sometime after I had placed my order with Wendy for the cake smash look my friend Mariah launched her new online boutique Mariah’s Closet. Among the looks her designed was the most adorable little skater skirt she created for another toddler. I fell in love and just knew Baby O had to have it, so I texted her instantly to work out the details. We decided that an all-white leather skirt with purple accents on the bow was the way to go and I couldn’t have been happier with the decision.
However, I was a bit concerned when it came to the shirt selection.  Not only did I not know exactly what shirt I’d get to compliment the skirt, but I also had to ensure I selected the perfect white. I couldn’t have my little diva in all white attire that didn’t match, but not having seen the material before and how was I supposed to if my white would work.  In any case I knew I wanted to go with an oneies in order to prevent any wardrobe malfunctions and found the PERFECT one at H&M.  Well almost perfect. It was everything I was looking for but the bow tie color was off...grrrr. 

Being the innovative momma I am decide to switch it up and find some purple bows and buttons to replace the existing ones.  As always my dear friend Tabby helped me out by gifting me some left over bows she had made for her daughter. I excitedly took them, my new purple buttons, and the shirt to the cleaners and requested a shirt up grade lol. The final product was everything I’d hope it would be :)
With most of her party look complete the only thing left for me to worry about was her shoes. I’m a firm believer that the shoes you wear makes your outfit so I had to make sure hers were awesome. Unfortunately, for me she has some tiny little feet so most cute little girl shoes don’t come in her size, and I was left with only one shoes. How in the world I was going to make this preppy look work with a pair of tennis shoes was a mystery until a friend randomly tagged me in a Instagram boutique that customize chuck Taylors.  The designs were awesome so I thought it was the perfect route to go until I seen their prices. There was just no way I was going to pay over $150 for a pair of kid shoes. So I decided to make defining her shoes another labor of love for the party and DIY them (tutorial coming soon). After a few failed test runs I figured out the perfect formula and got it right.

With Baby O’s cake smash outfit and her planned attire for the party complete she was all set. Although, due to the material of her custom skater skirt it was a bit heavier than expected. So to ensure she had the best time playing at her party she had a little outfit change half way through her Winter ONEderlamd affair. Which, all her guest seemed to love and made my heart smile because she got some good use out of all her looks. 
First Look
Second Look


  1. Ask Baby O if I can hire her personal stylist. That little girl has a better closet than I.

  2. Who you telling. Her closet better than mine too