Friday, February 28, 2014

Memory Lane: A Year of 1st Board

As promised, some days we will be heading down, what I call, Memory Lane to reflect on Olivia Madison’s first year of life. For those of you that have been with us from day one (via ShoeAcidal), some of these posts may look familiar. For everyone else, welcome to my world of mini momma meltdowns (aka - Mama Drama) and a whole lot of PROUD momma moments thanks to my AWESOME baby girl. For me, there's no better place to start our journey down memory lane than with this board.

I found a similar board on Pinterest and knew I had to create one for my baby. I just didn’t know that putting together this board was going to be such an emotional project for me.  It felt as if I would work on it, take a break for a few days, call Tabby every other day asking for her help (would you believe I had the nerve to get mad when she had other plans and couldn’t help until a future date???) and work on it some more until it was finally completed (watch out for the tutorial J).
It was just that assembling it gave me an opportunity to reflect on the following:
  • How awesome my child is
  • How much she's grown from an infant to a toddler
  • How much my husband and I have grown as parents
  • How joyous this first year has been
It was by far the MOST rewarding project I worked on to celebrate her birthday. Which leads me to the reason I chose to start Memory Lane here...the board really captured the highlights from Olivia's first year of life. We'll get to my emotions behind all her milestones in future posts but, for now, here's a closer look at the images on the board.


Car Ride






Isn’t it an AWESOME way to look at life? As of right now, I totally plan to do something similar for each of her future birthdays. I honestly still can’t believe how fast the past year went by and I know the rest of our days will continue to move at lightning speed; I might as well capture each moment. 

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