Friday, March 21, 2014

Fit Friday: My Fitness Truth

By: Shenise

What started out as a few “good” pounds (you know the ones that go to your derriere and your Olive Oil legs) turned into 65 pounds of WTFF (Why The Fat Face). Next comes the subliminal you are fat comments, “wow, look at you,” “you’ve changed so much,” “I remember you was soooooooooooo Small,” and my all-time favorite “didn’t you use to model?” After that you begin to tell yourself all of these lies to cover up the hurt “girl, you don’t want to be the same size you were in high school,” “I’m thick,” “I’m still cute tho’! “I’m still cute tho’,” “I’m still cute tho?” “Am I cute?” Finally, depression because you don’t know how to deal with this body, you don’t know how to dress this body, you feel you’ve lost your self in this body and now I will just eat because apparently there isn’t anything I can do about this body. 

Then you become pregnant and you see the light at the end of the tunnel, you tell yourself “I can hide all this extra fat with the pregnancy and then work your ass off once you give birth because they say breastfeeding kills calories faster than anything else!” I welcomed a beautiful gift from God almost 3 years ago and that cotdamn (yup it’s cotdamn because God aint got nothing to do with this) stubborn fat is still here, can you believe it?!? I can because my mindset NEVER changed I just used circumstances and mind tricks to delay what I really needed to do, which was WORK! I became lazy and then I used my pregnancy to continue to be lazy and then I used “I just had a baby” to win the lazy award and now lazy can kick buckets! 

In order for me to be successful I know I need two things; (that’s it?), for me yes.

1) Consistency, if I say I am going to work out before work I need to stick to that. 
2) Stop drinking those 44ounces of Icee aka Slurpee aka as nothing but Sugar (the red and blue mix is so good tho). I know what you are thinking 

I believe family's important, being a wife is important, being a mother is important but let me tell you being a mothers has no chill button, no sick days, no paid time off or vacations for that matter. In order for me to be the best ME and mom, wife, daughter, niece, cousin, friend that I can be I must physically be here and if we are standing in our truth if I continue the way that I have been I will not be here! My journey will be different from everyone else’s but my truth has to be my truth and my advice to you would be find your own truth, write it down and hold yourself accountable. It isn’t a walk in the park, it isn’t easy and sometimes you may think it isn’t worth it but you know the TRUTH! Moms Mount Up, 
We Got This!

Fello HeartBEATs
WOW!!! I can't imagine the type of courage it took for Shenise to share this but, I pray that some of you going through your own fitness struggles will be inclined to share as well. So that together we can motivate and encourage one another.  I look forward to sharing updates on Shenise progress.


  1. Thanks for sharing Shenise! Being a mother is like being in a parallel universe at times. The truth about how being a mom comes with no chill is nothing but the absolute truth! And I totally believe mindset is critical to being a balanced human being once you become a wife and mother.

    When I was in college I was the highest weight I've ever been from being on the Depo. shot for over a year. It's funny you mentioned the modeling, because I use to do fashion shows in high school so to be near 200 lbs in college when I had been 135 in high school I didn't know how to dress that body either.

    So I turned to my track friends and asked them the best way to loose weight and they told me to RUN....and I ran my butt off...literally lol

    So after loosing over 50 lbs in college on my own I knew that I had the mental power to do it again after I had my first child. I nursed her and lost 30 lbs in 2 months without doing any cardio lol With my second child, not so much, because I didn't nurse him as long as my daughter (and I can tell because he gets sick more often than she does) and I feel the same way about hiding behind the "I just had a baby" excuse and not loosing the extra weight I gained with him and he just turned 2 in Oct (not such a baby anymore lol)

    Admitting is the first step so thank for sharing your struggle and I know that as long as you commit and make some small changes in your lifestyle and diet that you will reach your desired weight and look :)

    God Bless!

  2. Thank you for your kind words and more important for understanding! I was never athletic or healthy skinny I was just skinny so it's taking me sometime to figure out my plan of action but slow and steady wins the race. God Bless you as well!!