Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Year of 1st Board (Tutorial)

As I mentioned in my post about this board here it was truly an emotional labor of love.  So, I’m sharing this tutorial for those of you interested in capturing some of your memories in this manner.

  • White wood board(I picked mine up from lowes for $12.)
  • Chalk
  • Photos
  • Chalkboard paint 
  • Wet towel
  • Hot glue gun and sticks

   Step by Step Instructions
1. Wipe board down

2. Paint board with two coats of chalkboard paint

3. Let paint dry and settle for 48 hours

4. Spread chalk across the entire board

5. Wipe board completely clean

6.  Frame *See framing instructions below*

7.    Glue pictures unto framed board (as you would like).

8.    Take chalk and decorate your board with reflective words (as you wish).
Deatils on Framing...
I originally had planned to frame this board myself but didn’t have the proper tools. Going to Michael’s or any other framing place was out of the question for a board this size.  So of course I turned to my favorite handy couple The Killings. These two love taking a on home improvement project (Finished their whole basement, laid their own hard wood floors, etc) and if nothing else I knew they would have the tools. Get this tho, Denise also twist my hair lol (yup my friend is multi-talented and a mini perfectionist). Any way when I reached out via text (sent her a few photos of the board) she let me know to bring it over during my upcoming hair appointment so Des could work on it for me...SCORE. I took my painted board with me and Des (another mini perfectionist) worked on it the entire time. Unhappy with his initially product he kept it. I got it back a few days later and it looked Amazing.In writing this tutorial I reached out to team Killings for framing instructions and they provided the following.

Framing Supplies
• Pneumatic nailer/stapler,
• finish nails,
• Wood filler,
• Sand paper,
• Miter saw
• Woodgrain Milwork (door/window trim) 11/16in. x 2-14 x8in.
• Metal L shaped bracets for support
• White paint
Step by Step Instructions
1. Measure your board (mine was 36 x40).
2. Using the miter saw cut the wood corners at a 45 degree angle.*Please note: The cuts should be slightly longer than the board (just in case there are changes that need to be made)*.
3. Use nailer at the corners to nail the frame together.
4. Apply wood filler to fill-in nailer holes and let it dry.
5. Once dry sand with sand paper to make smooth.
6. Paint frame and let it dry.
7. Once paint dries put the board on the back of the frame and screw the L brackets in each corner for support.

Happy crafting fellow heartbeats


  1. Love the tutorial and the board!!! It turned out so frikkin' awesome! I think you should pics of any you see duplicated out there ;)

    1. Thanks Tabby. Thanks a million for helping along the way :)

  2. mini perfectionist!! lol we both can't help it. Happy we could help!