Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Somebody Can't Count

As I sit here completing the paperwork for Baby O to transfers schools in September I thought it would only be fitting to share another THAT MOM post. Reagrding her current school so, here’s a another one for ya...

Back in March Baby O’s school announced that they were doing an optional fundraiser which I totally decided I’d ignore. Because, in my mind there was no way they expected my tiny tot to go out and raise money for the school. I honestly assumed that although the email went out to everyone it was only applicable to the older kids at the school.  Whelp, I wrong, I arrived at the school and found a crisp white folder, with Baby O’s full name on it, and all the fundraiser information inside.

Being the parent I am I politely went to the front desk to determine exactly what they were raising funds for since that little detail was missing. The director informed me the funds raised would go towards having technology in the classrooms.  I thought it over for a few days and decided it was a good enough cause to support even though I didn’t agree with how the school was enticing parents to compete (I say parents because we all know the kids weren’t actually doing the solicitations).

However, I’m very competitive and when I decided to support I knew I had to give it 100% so, I begin my solicitation efforts. Thankfully the items were very easy to sale so Baby O sold a ton of stuff; I turned the packet in, and just knew my baby was the schools winner. 

Wrong Again! After all the submissions were handed in the school sent the following email (Names have been changed to protect the innocent)...

The results are in for our Claire's fundraiser from last month. We are thrilled to report that our participating families sold $5,379.40 worth of items, which resulted in ...... $2,156.75 in funds raised to improve technology for our classrooms! We also have some private donations that have not yet been accounted for in that total.

As promised, our 2 top-selling families will receive a $100 credit on their tuition. Congratulations to the Wrong and Doe families on raising a combined total of $1438.75 between them! Also, every family who participated received 1 entry for every 10 items ordered into a lottery drawing for $100 cash. Congratulations to the Right and Doe families- you can pick up your winnings today!

Again, thank you SO MUCH to everyone who participated. We are blessed to have such wonderful families invested in their children's education!

Upon receiving this email my first thought was...Hmmm that’s very interesting but, I totally wish they would have broken the totals out so I’d know exactly how much we lost by. But, that’s awesome the school raised so much.

Then pick up day came and things got interesting.

When I arrived at the school to pick up the items everything was sorted nice and neat. My lovely order form was printed for me so I could confirm my order. So I did and it was accurate however, the total amount raised was off. They had totally miscalculated Baby O’s web orders.

I Informed the front desk because, at this point I wasn’t sure if they school had even got the credit for those orders. I was instructed that the person I needed to speak with was gone for the day so I’d have to send a follow up email. The next morning I sent the following;

Good Morning Ashley,

As promised I logged into my Claire's account to get the names of everyone who purchased in support of Olivia and the school.  I've provided the details below for your review.  Once again I would like to make note that everyone did receive their order either direct shipment to their homes or via my school pick up yesterday. However, I'm not sure the school received credit for all of Olivia's orders because based on the totals I received in my packet yesterday Olivia didn't receive credit for all of them. Please let me know if there is anything I else I can provide to assist in your research in this matter.

Basically... Based on my calculations your fundraising total is incorrect and we actually raised the most funds lol.

To which I received a follow-up phone call saying... Hi Sheena! We totally received credit for your web orders and it looks like we owe you $100 credit on your tuition so, we will be putting that on your account today.

Ummmm thanks I guess. I’m grateful for the credit that I worked hard for but, totally don’t appreciate the way they handled the situation. Like...
  • Sure we can go ahead and disregard the fact that you can’t count. So you got the credit but didn’t think enough to give it to the correct family...shady boots
  • No you don’t owe us an apology or at least a thank you.                              
  • No the school community doesn’t need to know that my infant raised the MOST money for the school.
  • After all, our family and friends only helped raised a little under $1,000.00 for your school. The least you can do is pretend you care.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Oh The Judgment!

This morning I woke up to an article posted on FB by my co peep Jessica that totally reminded me of a conversation that a few other co peeps and I had last week. Where I informed my co peeps that I had to refrain from cussing a women out in a restaurant for a comment she made regarding my parenting style.

Long story short...

The hubs, Baby O, and I were at brunch one Saturday and because Baby O is so active and hates just sitting waiting on the food, we brought a few things to entertain her (One of which was an ipad for her to click through or watch videos on youtube). We were at the table chatting, playing with the ipad, and signing songs when a large party was seated across from us. The group seemed to be enjoying themselves and begin to get really loud. So Baby O turned to join in on their fun, she begin to try engage in their conversation and they all chatting back. Except one woman (she had two older kids) who kept staring at Dom and I. I’d notice her watching our table beforehand but didn’t pay much attention. However, she abruptly received my attention when we made eye contact and she made the comment “Sorry she’s not entertained by the TV any longer, looks like she wants some real conversation sorry.”

Hold the MFing phone!

Is this chick judging me?

Bye, Felicia!

ITCH I did this as a curtsey to you, and the other restaurant patrons. I’m 100% cool with letting her loose to tear this place up but, I figured you’re a** wouldn’t like that. So I brought her some entertainment.

NOW! Go have several seats in the back of a stadium by your darn self until you remember how your kids used to act at 14 months.

Oh sorry guys.

YIKES!!! Anyway before I have a darn flash back here’s the article she posted... IT AIN’T EASY HAVING ONE OF “THOSE” KIDS. 

The title caught my attention and after reading it I immediately knew I had to share it with you all.  You see before having a kid of my own I can admit that I was a silent judger. Not that I wanted or meant to judge others it would kind of just happen. Mostly because I didn’t understand, all I would see is the child’s behavior and the parent seeming to not be bothered by it. Now that I have a child of my own I know differently. And as I told my co peeps who I discussed this with last week... I apologize to every parent before me who I secret or openly judge in my ignorance.

To future parents, parents of older children, people who don’t want to be parents, or parents who kids aren’t quite toddlers yet please believe me when I say the trials and tribulations of apparent are REAL. And every kids is different so no one will ever be able to explain it, it’s honestly one of those things you just have to experience. With that being said, next time you think to judge.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Celebrating Dads (Part 2)

Continuing our celebration of father’s I’d like to honor some of the special men that influenced my life and helped show me what being father was all about. I love each of these men and grateful to have encountered them in this lifetime.

My Beloved Grandfather...I could go on and on for days about the impact my grandfather had on my life he was only the most loyal, honest, hardworking man I have yet to encounter. This man loved me beyond words and was always a great source of encouragement. He believed and supported me in me at times when I didn’t believe in myself. My grandfather set the standard for what a man should be with his 82 years of knowledge and wisdom and I’m beyond blessed to have had a wonderful relationship with him.
My Dad... Although, my relationship with my biological father was strained for reasons outside of my control my dad never gave up on us. He’d always make sure to attend every major milestone in my life. Often times he’s surprise me by randomly showing up to my events because he had seen it in the newspaper or ran into a family member of mine and asked about me. At a time where our relationship was at its best I remember him picking me up and taking me on long drives where we shoot the breeze about life for hours.  My dad was one of the most loving and affectionate guys I ever met and I wish I’d known how to receive all that he was offering while he was still alive.

My Pops... If you follow me on Facebook then you already know my Pops because he lets the world know that I’m his baby girl. Although, this is actually my brother’s dad I never missed a beat when it came to having a dad because, he made sure to treat me as his own. He never picked my older brother up and left me home. He’s the first person to teach me that someone doesn’t have to be your blood to love them unconditionally. I can’t remember a dad without my Pops in my life and the bond we share is unbreakable. Even in the times when others were feeling the dad role (like my dad and stepdad) he still held my hand as I traveled through life...he’s always motivated me to be my very best and ensured I knew just how proud of me he was. I’m forever grateful for him for stepping up to the plate and never letting go.
My Stepdad... This man came into my life when I was a young girl who already thought I knew so much about life but he found a way to teach me so much more. He showed me what it meant to work hard and provided for your family. He loves me unconditionally to this day and taught me what it means to protect your children. He’s a true gentleman who opened his heart to someone else daughter and never closed it.
My Brothers...Growing up with 4 older brothers I learned so much about life, love, and relationships. My brothers were my biggest source of comfort and protection growing up. Even though, we are all grown up now, loving and caring for our own children I’m still honored to be their little sister.

The Hubs...I shared my love for him yesterday so I won’t go all deep again today but, know I love this man to the moon and back for the positive influence he’s had on the women I am today. 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Celebrating Dads

In lieu of Father’s Day this Sunday I want to take today and tomorrow to honor the dads of the world. 
This morning I woke up to the perfect article posted by my friend Jewelle on Facebook. Below are the highlights of the article that things dads do that we seem to take for granted because; we’re so wrapped up doing our mom thing. To see the full article click here
1.     Change diapers.
2.     Chauffeur their kids around.
3.     Cook.
4.     Dress their kids.
5.     Shower their kids with affection.
6.     Get out of bed in the middle of the night.
7.     Do their daughter’s hair.
8.     Their daughter’s nails too.
9.     Clean.
10.   Handle the kid’s baths.
11.   Do the family laundry.
12.   Volunteer at school.
13.   Be stay-at-home dads by choice.
14.   Do just fine when parenting solo.
15.   Care about their kid’s emotional well-being.
16.   Appreciate their kid’s mother.
17.   Worry about whether they’re doing a good job.
18.   Put family first.
19.   Get emotional.
I for one know my hubs do or have done a lot of these things. 

Trust me I know being a mom is a thankless job in which we often feel unappreciated by our children and spouse. However, that’s no reason not to thank the men in our lives for their efforts. So with that I’d like to thank my love...

Dear. Dominique (that’s the hubs),

Thank you so much for loving and caring for our daughter unconditionally. Thank you for being a present force in her life from day one and, establishing an unbreakable bond with her. Thank you for showing Olivia what it means to be and have a good man in her life.

You are teaching her indirect lessons that she will carry throughout her life lifetime and I’m forever grateful for all that you do for her.  And, although I may not say it on a daily basis I want to know that your hard work and love is noticed and appreciated.

Olivia and Sheena 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

That Thing Baby O Was Standing On (Learning Tower)

Hey Luvs!

Hope everyone had a good weekend. Mine took an unexpected turn when I started to get sinus migraines on Friday which I’m honestly still trying to recover from...smh. In any case I received all your comments about “That Thing Baby O Was Standing On” in my previous post. This totally reminded me that, when I started this blog my goal was to provide product reviews. Not because any of the companies sponsor me, or to sell you on one thing over another, my goal is to hopefully provide insight on things I’ve used that have contributed to making this mom life a bit easier.

So without further ado let’s start with... “That Thing Baby O Was Standing On”

This actually what’s considered to be a Learning Tower (a fancy name for a step stool) lol. However, unlike your average step stool most of these adjust to various heights so that your child can continue to use it as he/she grows.  They been known to be very durable as well since most of the ones I looked up were made of wood.
I love, love, love how using this makes Baby O kitchen help a breeze. With her growing independence she has become mommy’s little helper but, prior to getting this I’d just have her help via her play kitchen. A little tedious I know but her balance and height didn’t quite accommodate anything else. Now that we have this she’s able to be right next me and really feels engaged in the process while being all up in my business :). Also at school they recently taught the kids how to stand at the sink and wash their hands and with this I can reinforce that lesson at home as well. We had been showing her how to wash her hands since she turned one via a regular step stool but, I was honestly always very nervous. So I would hover over her and had to watch her intently while she did so. With this cool little gadget I feel much better saying “Go wash your hands” and trusting her to do so. It’s super easy for her to climb in and out of and secure around all 4 sides so I never feel like she’ll just fall out of it.  Not to mention the first day I brought it home she climbed right in, danced, while singing (I think) for her dad and I.

Now of course with fancy step stools comes higher price tags lol. So contemplated this little contraption for a while before purchasing and did a ton of research. I found that the similar products on the market work just as well so you really don’t have to spend the $200 for it unless you really want to.  I actually was holding off for long as could in hopes of them going on sale before I lucked up via Facebook. That’s right you heard it here first...I got mine off Facebook for $20. Ten percent of the original cost (I can see the hubs smiling from ear to ear because, he picked a winner) and well worth every penny.  Knowing what I know today I would have gladly paid full price for one but I’m grateful for patience because I didn’t have to.

New Mom Tip: if you haven’t done so join your local Facebook yard sales they normally have awesome deals on great products. 

Friday, June 6, 2014

Toddler Buffets

Happy Friday!

Yesterday I received a text from my dear friend Shavonn (who I’ve known since 7th grade and just love to pieces) after she read yesterday’s post. Shavonn had seen a creative, fun, and all around awesome kid’s party food suggestion of a Toddler Buffet on Pinterest. Which, she thought it would be the perfect thing to try during dinner time on my picky eater.
What’s a toddle Buffet...It’s your dinner options served in an ice trayJ.  Placing a little of each selection in the cube slots not only divides the food but helps the tiny tot feel like they have options or are eating something different than the norm. TALK ABOUT GENIUS! When I received Shavonn’s text I profusely thanked her and immediately made a mental note of what would be on last night’s toddler buffet.

On my way home I received a call from Tabby. During our normally chit chat we discussed my dinner time shenanigans with Baby O in which I told her about the buffet plans and how I was I’d hope my tiny helper would assist with putting it together. To which she responded “you should try having her help you cook.”

Baby O loves to help in any way she can these days so I thought both suggestions were great. I added them in during last night’s dinner, and even found a way to make it a numbers game by counting our food. Below are few photos that I was able to capture during the process...

The most important thing here is last night’s dinner was actually a success. She didn’t eat everything on her tray but, she at least tried a little of each sampling and had a ton of fun helping. So thanks a million ladies :)

Side Note: During my daily recap with her teacher yesterday we discussed her eating habits during the school day. While she informed me that Baby O eats a lot throughout the day. She also stated that there are days where she will refuse school lunch as well. Apparently if Little Miss Personality doesn’t like her school lunch option, she will get up from the table, push her chair in, and walk away, then come back when her milk is served...No matter who else is eating...or what anyone has to say. Huh? I can’t deal. All her teacher could say was... “There’s no in-between with her. She either LOVES it or HATES it”

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Battle Of Wheels (Update)

Hey loves,

Last night while going through my nightly dinner time battle with Baby O I realized that I never updated you all on how things were going with Battle of Wheels.

So here it is...

At this stage in Baby O’s life she is absolutely a picky eater with a very strong opinion about food yet, loves to snack. When it comes to full meals either she loves what’s placed in front of her and will devour every last drop. In such a manner that you’d awesome she never ate before or, she HATES it and will run around the house or kitchen kicking and screaming if you try to convince her otherwise...smh.

The worse part about these dinner shenanigans are the fact that they are very inconsistent. One day chicken is broccoli works and the next day it doesn’t. One day she wants it because mommy and daddy are eating it but, the moment you thing you’re going to give it to her again hunty acts all sorts of brand new on you lol.
That’s her play cooking her dinner from last night (aka feeding it to the dog) because, she didn’t want to eat. Mind you this is the exact same chicken breast she ate of off her dad’s fork the night before...I can’t deal

Although, I can laugh about all this in hindsight, I am very aware that in the moment this is/can be a frustrating ordeal. Especially when I pick her up from school the next day and her daily charts says she ate all her food. I totally go all...Huh? What the heck are they doing that I’m not? What the heck is in their food? Then I have to remind myself that kids are influenced by those around them and everyone else is sitting and eating like a big kid she will as well. I can’t lie that little fact annoys the heck out me but, I try to turn my annoyance into gratitude because in the grand scheme of things she atleast she gets in one balanced meal a day.

As, for our nightly battle I’ve learned to no longer fight with her about it.  I try to avoid force feeding her and instead I take the approach of this is your only option. If she chooses to eat it great, if not I’ve learned to be ok with that too.Especially, after I recently received this article in my inbox...Picky Toddler Eating. It gave me a ton of perspective and, taught me to trust her judgment when it comes to this food thing. After all she knows her body best :).

Fellow HeartBEATS

Is your toddler a picky eater as well? What are some of the things you’re doing to resolve the issue?

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Strive 4 Success

Hey luvs!

I woke up with such a grateful heart this morning and I totally wanted to share why with you. Honestly, I'm grateful because, of the support shown from my hometown community for the Strive 4 Success youth empowerment workshop the hubs and I will be putting on at the end of the month.  Now, I told y’all I was working on something last week whelp this this is it...2014 Strive 4 Success which we're hoping is just the first of many :).
I shared my plans via Facebook on Sunday and ever since my initial post the support has just been unreal and overwhelming. I can’t thank my hometown family, friends, and soon to be friends enough for the support they've shown already. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Everyone for your kind words, shares, likes, love, encouragement, and support we receive your words and pray our youth will receive ours.
Most people that know me well, knows that THIS is where my passion lies and, doing such an event has been in my heart (and on my to-do list) for about 6 years now. So, I think it’s finally time that I put my words in motion. 
I've had such an emotional struggle to success that sharing my journey with the public won’t be easy but, I know it will be WORTH it. With that being said, please continue to help me spread the word over the next 27 days. We'd love to reach many of our youth in the area as the venue will hold so, please bring 'em out like you did for the Future concert lol. No but in all seriousness, I don't think this is one that any of the teens will want to miss. Our stories are REAL, Our success is REAL, and there for our message will be very REAL. I promise this will be a very powerful, educational, motivational, and relatable message.  

Monday, June 2, 2014

Little Miss Personality

Happy Monday Loves!

My apologies for going all MIA last week but I spent the week diligently working on another project (will share details soon) and by the time I came up for air it was the weekend lol.

Any who. I'm back like I never left and ready to share some updates. 

Baby O is officially 16 months and although there aren’t any major milestones to share there are some silent developments taking place.

What’s a silent development?

To me it’s the subtle changes that show growth that we often take advantage of. The ones we see but happening daily but because it’s not crawling, walking, or talking we don’t feel the need to share.

For instance my tiny tot has TONS of personality and I swear it crept up on us.

Honestly it didn’t I’ve been watching it develop since birth and, have been living a life of denial about it lol. And, now that she’s a little mover and shaker I can no longer hide the fact that I know which is cool...I guess. Because, at the moment the real question is what in the world am I going to do with her little strong, independent, determined, loving, and funny self? I totally didn’t expect all this at 16 months.