Monday, March 10, 2014

Chapter 31 (recap)

Hey luvs!

Just wanted to stop by and thank you all for the well wishes on my birthday.  As you read in my previous post my birthday hasn’t really been a priority. Although, I think birthdays are special occasions I never really implemented my own words on my behalf and for me this year wouldn’t be any different.

Or so I thought....

Turns out while I was busy writing words of gratitude for those who have impacted my life some, of my faves were planning a few awesome surprises for me. And, my birthday went from being one amazing day to a fun filled FABULOUS weekend. Oh! And apparently there’s more to come, I so can’t wait to see what else is in store:). Any way here’s the only photos I have from my weekend...

On Thursday I came home to some very thoughtful gifts but, this one from the hubs is my favorite
I spent my Friday enjoying a wonderful spa afternoon and dinner with this lovely lady. My friend Ayana is an amazing person and every time we’re together we go through every emotion a women can have but it’s always a great time.
Partied hard with Olivia Saturday afternoon at Ari's (my almost birthday twin) 1st birthday party. It was a beautiful affair that we were grateful to be a part of. 
Then headed out with the hubs for a FABULOUS birthday dinner. 
Where I was greeted by this lovely centerpiece, the cutest little cake (done by my favorite childhood vendor), and yummy cupcakes from my boo thang Tabby
 We couldn't just stop at dinner. Hell I'm 31 we had head out and drink too damn much party the rest of the night away. 

Wish I had more photos to share because it was truly a GREAT weekend. On another note a few of you mentioned possibly spending your next birthday writing thank you letters and I have to warn you...It’s a very emotional process. 

Even with doing mine in an unconventional manner via text/facebook I was overwhelmed. Guess I’ve always been silently appreciative of those around me because, having to write my thoughts out truly broke me down. To those wishing to show your gratitude, I say do it even if you simply decide to thank your past, present, and future self.  It’s a very freeing experience and, I promise there’s nothing else like it. Be prepared to have some people not respond but stay encouraged, knowing you’re doing this for YOU and no one else so a response isn’t required:).

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