Thursday, March 27, 2014

Birthday Shoes (Tutorial)

Hey luvs,

Below is the how to instructions I used to bling out Baby O’s converses for her Winter ONEderland Affair I told you about here.  Working on this labor of love was pretty straight forward and easy however, I found that having the right tools is imperative. Additionally, don’t try this one unless you have patience lol. In all seriousness the end results of this one makes completing the task worth it, so if you have a little free time I hope you give it a try...Enjoy!

  • Converse Sneakers
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • 2 Bows
  • Swarovski Elements Hotfix Crystals (the amount depends and size of crystals will vary based on how much bling you want and the size of the shoe)
  • Swarovski Elements Hotfix Crystals Tool ($20 at Michael’s)
  • Ribbon
Step by Step Instructions
  1. Open your Hotfix Crystals Tool.
  2. Plug Hotfix Crystals Tool in the wall.
  3. Select the proper size tip (to match your crystal size) and place it on the Hotfix Crystals Tool.
  4. Open your Hotfix Crystals
  5. Lay your crystals flat on the table
  6. Take the Hotfix Crystals Tool and place it over one of the crystals
  7. Pick the Hotfix Crystals Tool up and the crystal should be on it
  8. Place the Hotfix Crystals Tool on the shoe
  9. Hold the Hotfix Crystals Tool on the shoe for a few second
  10. Remove the Hotfix Crystals Tool from the shoe and the crystal should be on the shoe
  11. Repeat the above steps until you shoe is bling out the way you want it
Once the shoe is has the right amount of bling...Add the bow
  1. Plug up your Glue gun
  2. Add a glue stick
  3. Grab one of your bows and add a little glue on it
  4. Place the bow on the back of your shoe
  5. Hold the bow on the shoe for a minute
  6. Repeat the above steps for the second shoe
  7. Let your shoes try for 48 hours

The Tool

My Process
My Final Product

                                          Happy crafting fellow heartbeats


  1. I absolutely LOVE the shoes! they turned out fabulous! On second thought, I don't know what I love more - the shoes or those rolls on those little baby thighs.