Monday, May 12, 2014

Potty Training: Regression

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This week I’m playing catch up. I feel like I’ve been saying I’ll update you all soon and just never do so this is the week to catch up and I’m starting with Potty Training. Since, my original potty training post I’ve gotten a ton of inquiries about how things are going so as promised here’s the skinny on Baby O’s potty time progress.

Things were going excellent, we were spending our evenings and weekends having potty time. To be clear she wasn’t drag me too the potty or anything thing but, we had a little routine going where I’d sit her on the potty soon as we got home, after dinner, and again before bed (one the weekends we did every two hours) and she was accident free. We were getting somewhere and I even discovered that she was grasping the concept...

To be clear, by no means do her understanding equal actually using the potty on her own.  NOT AT ALL. It actually turned out that while she did indeed where she should go potty it didn’t prevent her from experiencing regression... She had begun to go potty in her diaper and then walk over to the potty and take a seat or, use go in her  diaper immediately after getting up from the potty. And for the life of me I couldn’t figure out where in the world this little set back was coming from.  Originally I thought maybe I was too ambitious with my potty introduction and she wasn’t ready. Until I did my research and discovered my poor baby was probably just confused.

Since, I hadn’t engaged the school in our potty time adventures we were totally sending my lovebug mixed signals.  I was at home telling her it isn’t ok to go potty in her diaper while, they were telling her the complete opposite for 8 hours of the day...YIKES. I had to get school involved because the only way this would work was if everyone was on the same page. Being that she was in a toddler room which had a restroom in it I didn’t foresee a problem.  I set up meeting with her teacher and director to discuss Baby O getting potty time throughout the day which seemed to go well.  We set a date to start and I spent the entire weekend before hand trying to get Baby O back on track.  I was serious like looked up YouTube videos, read books, brought supplies, and picked my baby up early so we could get started SERIOUS.

The Musical timer we set for every 30 minutes
Since Baby O is into baby dolls I got her a Baby Alive to demonstrate how potty time works
The rewards board
The Packet I put together for the teacher to reward her during potty time
Cute little seat
Big Girl Panties

Only to find out that the school wasn’t hence my comment “So you won’t potty train her until she’s 2?” in the THAT MOM post. Y’all they played me, turns out they were against my plan to potty train early and had given Baby O’s teacher very specific instructions that made the effort a true waste of time and when I finally discovered what was going on I was pissed. Yet, I decided to have a follow on conversation with the director which enlightened me on the schools true opinion...

The school doesn’t begin potty training until children enter the 2 year old classroom. They didn’t want to force a 13 month old to sit on the potty so, they were only willing to get her used to the idea by sitting her on the potty every two hours if the teacher wasn’t the only adult in the classroom at the time.

In my follow up conversations with the teacher Baby O was enjoying her potty breaks but most times had already gone potty in the diaper prior to getting sat on the potty. This meant we were right back where we started and the only responsible thing for me to do was call operation potty time quits. I can’t risk any further confusion on this situation for Baby O it’s just not fair to her. And, although I know she’s ready even more so now then she was three months ago I have to hold off until she’s in environment that fosters growth and development on an individual level instead of a place that focuses on a GROUP THINK philosophy.

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