Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Shoes Are In...(Bowed Leg Problems)

On Friday I finally got the call saying that Baby O’s special shoes were in from my Bowed Leg Problem (update) post . Truth be told just getting this call caused me anxiety. 

Yes, we had already gone through what seemed to be the hard part by visiting the two orthopedic specialists and getting a diagnosis for her conditioninternal tibial torsion”.

Yes, it’s true that since the visit with the last specialist I had a few comforting conversations with my in laws and, gained a lot more insight on what was going on...

Turns out this little condition is genetic and, the hubs totally had a very severe case of it as a child. Thank goodness for my mother in law memory because she was totally able to school me on it and let me know what to expect. So, I truly felt better about the situation prior to receiving the phone call.   

However, the mom in me wasn’t ready for what these special shoes meant for my baby. I wasn’t ready to see how she’d handle this so called noninvasive nightly cure. I wasn’t ready to see how she’d react to being confined to the shoes at night or, see how her sleeping habits would be affected over the next few months as a result of wearing them. Boy was I nervous about it but, had to put my fears aside. I reluctantly scheduled her appointment for the first available which was yesterday morning. Unfortunately I couldn’t make the appointment (Mother’s Guilt moment) so Dom had to take her. He gave me a call immediately after the visit to inform me that all went well and, let me know the doctor was pleasantly surprised by how she did...I was relieved.
Here's what they look like...
Last night was day one of our 4 month treatment and much to my surprise it very well. Our routine went as follow;
  • I placed her “sleepy time shoes” (my little nickname for them) on her feet
  • Explained to her what they were
  • Allowed her to play with them for a bit
  • Read her a bedtime story
  • And, Put her down for the night
She spent some time in her crib playing around with them a bit more then fell out until this morning. Dom and I were extremely worried that she’s wake up having a fit because she wouldn’t be able to stand in them. But to our surprise she actually did an AWESOME job this morning and we were super PROUD of her :).
This Morning...


  1. AHHHHHH !!! They're in! I'm so glad she did an awesome job and the shoes were a minimal distraction throughout the night! Way to go Liv and Mama too :)

  2. Way To Go Baby O!
    #BARS #ISpitHotFire

  3. Much better looking then Dom's orthopedic nightmares he used to hit us with...or did I hit him.....Never-the-mind. Much more fashionable. Of course Baby O was not going to let a little bar get in the way of progress. She figured it out.

  4. They're actually cute little shoes. I'm all for non invasive cures. Hope it helps her!!!