Thursday, May 22, 2014

Daddy Dental Award

During one of Baby O’s recent adventures to the pediatrician I came across a pamphlet that stated children should go to the dentist as early as 6 months. My first thought was...that’s crazy. In my conversations with my own dentist she informed me that children aren’t seen until the age of three so while waiting I pondered the thought. And, upon further consideration I realized my kid had her first two teeth at 6 months so this theory wasn’t too far off. Of course, once the doctor entered the room I inquired about it because I just had to know why my dentist would suggest three and their pamphlet suggested 6 months. The pediatrician informed that general dentist which is the type I visit typically will wait until three to take children but pediatricdentist believe in early dental hygiene for preventative measures...Now that makes sense to me.

Seeing how my kid has 16 teeth I requested their referral list. I was curious and wanted to set up an appointment if for nothing else than to ensure the hubs and I were doing all the right things to keep Baby O’s smile intact. And, after rescheduling her visit for various reasons we finally made it to the dentist last week and here’s how the appointment went...and here’s how the appointment went...

We arrived and clearly I was more excited than Baby O. She was all like ummm this looks suspect lol
All hell broke loose when I laid her down (and held her arms) so the hygienist could exam and clean her teeth she went bananas and got up crying 
So while waiting for the dentist to come in mama gave her lots of lovin and reminded her that they are only here to help.
She ate my kiss and words up and was much better for the dentist. I laid her back and held her arms the exact same way I did with the hygienist and, the moment she begin to cry the dentist begin to sing. The tears stopped, she relaxed a bit, yet wa still reluctant (hence the eye roll below) but, she totally acted like a Big girl. So the dentist get her five minute job done.
After her fluoride treatment she was all unicorns and rainbows lol. Just kidding but she was literally passing out smiles, and high fives while collecting her sticker, coin, and sugar free lollipop.
Although, Baby O did great at her first dental visit the real star of the dental show was the hubby. He wasn’t even at the visit but the dentist was totally singing his praises for doing an amazing job with brushing our lovebug teeth each morning. We’ve been working with baby O on her dental hygiene each morning and night since she first began teething and, because of it she has no cavities (which the dentist say kids her typically do) and her breath and teeth are right where they need to be:).

New Mom Tip: Start at least taking a finger tooth brush to your baby mouth the moment you discover that they are teething. The reason to do this is to ensure your child feels comfortable letting you in their mouth to brush their teeth. If you don’t establish this early you will have an uphill battle.

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  1. When it comes to children’s first visits, dentists really have different perspectives regarding the matter. There is even an article that says a child should go for their first visit 6 months after their first set of teeth has occurred. The best thing to do in this situation is to consult a doctor, like you did. Because they can really guide you on what to do with regard to your baby's health. Anyway, it's great that your baby's teeth checked out healthy. I hope she can maintain it until she grows up!

    Calandra Novak