Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Spirit Of Giving

Yesterday I shared the photos of my beautiful niece preparing to attend her junior prom (Bell Of The Junior Ball).  When her chosen look was revealed via text to me all I could do was smile and respond that she looked absolutely stunning.  I have several nieces (there are three others in addition to the two I informed you about in Letter To My Nieces), and this one is the very shy introvert of the group so, to see her come out of her shell and transform into this dashing beauty was just amazing. However, I didn’t share the photos with you guys to brag on how gorgeous my niece is (maybe a little part of me did) my overall purpose in sharing them was to tell you about her noble plans for the dress. The day after prom my niece and her mother decided that in lieu of just hanging the dress in the closet and, saving it for years to come they’d like to donate it to another young girl in need.

How AWESOME are they?

I can’t believe that her beautiful gown is up for grabs (free) with the only stipulation being they’d prefer that it goes to a family in need. The younger version of me would have never thought outside myself enough to do something like that for someone else (even though as an adult it became something I was passionate about). I’m super PROUD of the young ladies all my nieces are growing into and grateful for the realization that my journey has not been traveled in vain.

With that being said, I the dress is still up for grabs so please contact if you know a deserving young lady :)

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