Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Goodbye Sleepy Time Shoes

Hey luvs!

I know it’s been awhile and I don’t have time to explain my absence, but I wanted to stop and share some good news with you all. Last Friday I took Liv to her four month checkup for her Bowed Leg Problems. And after waiting in the doctor’s office for over an hour to be seen received the BEST news. Liv is officially done with Sleepy Time shoes and no longer has internal tibial torsion” YAY.
This is awesome because about a month ago she stopped wearing the sleepy time shoes. Dom and I noticed that although we’d put them on each night, they would be removed by morning. She was so over them so I’m grateful that they are no longer a concern in our house hold.
However, the doctor did let me know that her legs are still slightly bowed but informed me there is no further corrective action. She will outgrow some of it but the rest is apart if who she is :-).


  1. My pretty little sweetheart is SUCH a big girl :) Love her, love that she's doing better and LOVE this post.