Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Post-Partum Shedding

Hey Luvs!

I know some of you are probably wondering why in the world I am talking about this now. Truth is I received a couple friendly reminders of it over the past few months so I figured now is better than never. Over the last year of Liv's life I've been rocking protective styles in my hair because I honestly can't deal with how much my hair sheds otherwise. My hair sheds by the hand full and typically pulls my natural locks from the roots on down... It's horrible.

Just horrible and  until a few recent conversations with a couple of my favorite veteran moms who are also team natural I had no solution, other than living in denial by rocking a protective style lol. Any who my mommy boo's came to the rescue with their advice to "start back taking your prenatal Vitamins". I had stop taken mine for a while because I was having a few health concerns (nothing serious...just would get super nauseous when I took them, so I needed to find out why this was happening after having my little lovebug. Although, I haven't quite got to the bottom of the nausea, this week I reintroduced prenatal vitamins to my diet so you can be sure to look for an update on my shedding issues in the next few months.

On another note before heading out for vacation I received a Instagram request wanting to catch the tea on my latest protective style so hunty here it is :-). For my birthday I decided I wanted a bob sew-in but since my hair is natural I needed the full Monte Carlo. With my shedding issues I can't afford to let any and everybody play in my natural hair. Any who I brought some weave, and drove up to Maryland and got my hair laid.

Side Note: Please don't ask why I had to go all the way to Maryland, that's a post for another day. However, I will say these Northern VA stylist be acting up and they clients be letting 'em...Thank God I'm natural.

Well my birthday sew-in made me fall in love so I decided to try wearing sew-ins for a few more months. I just wasn't about that sit in a care for 3 hours life for a hair style that only took an hour. Since, I don’t have a permanent stylist I reached out to my boo Denise who always come through with my natural updo's and is very creative. Told her what I was trying to do and she suggested I just buy a lace wig. The plan was to buy the wig and she'd sew it on for me. That way I could keep it for a good amount of time, plus she could help maintain my natural hair in between tighten up my wig... SCORE.

The concept was awesome, creative and works wonderfully.  However, the quality of wig I purchased was nowhere near what the sale associate promised so it didn’t last long. a

Fellow HeartBEATS
Have any of you experiences post-partum shedding? If so what tips can you share for coping with it?

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  1. My hair just hasn't been right and my son is almost 2. I am not natural but I have considered going in that direction to get my thickness back. When I asked my stylist, her first question was about my prenatal vitamins. She said we can't just stop abruptly. She suggested I start a good multivitamin for now. I'm taking the heat off my hair for a bit. I will see where it goes. Frustrating is not the word! And I just imagine getting on track and having another kid! Ho hum...