Tuesday, September 9, 2014

We Survived!!!

The first week of Montessori school and I couldn’t be happier. I know my previous post mentioned my tearful goodbyes and uncertainty about leaving my baby with new providers but, she is thriving in her new environment. I must admit that after note seeing her teacher when I picked her up on the first day I was still very nervous so the next day I emailed her and received the following message.

Then she took the time to call me twice to give me an update on my lovebug. Our phone conversation made my heart smile and let me know that my little Liv was right where she needed to be. Now I can relax and look forward to a wonderful school year with lots of independent learning and growth😊.

But before I end this post I have to share this with you all...

Do you see that?

That’s right my baby sat on the potty at school yesterday. At SCHOOL Y’all.

I know she didn’t actually use it but after all I’ve shared on our potty adventures I’m celebrating the fact they even tried and her willingness to sit...1 point for team potty training.

Fellow HeartBEATS

How did the first week of school of for your kiddies?

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  1. I love this update! I love hearing how well she is doing... even if it's while I'm bored on a teleconference. School went very well for Munch and I'm too am excited for a fabulous year :)