Thursday, August 7, 2014

Baby Hair – Olivia’s Journey

Hey Luvs!

Last week I started a segment called “Baby Hair” and shared a little bit about Liv’s hair and my struggles with learning to care for it, so today I wanted to follow up with a closer look into her hair journey thus far.  

Liv was born with a head full of gorgeous black, long, and silky straight hair. That Tabs and I affectionately refer to as her pixie cut lol. Seriously, it framed her little infant face perfectly but you can see for yourself below...
However over time and a few shampoos her silky straight locks became cute little curls. Giving her this look...
Both were super adorable and I just loved accessorizing them with any and every cute headband I could find. Now I can’t pay her to keep a headband on but that a story for a different day...smh. 

Anyway things with her hair were going exceptionally well until about the 3rd or 4th month. Although, I had defeated cradle cap (get my tips here) my little diva loved her sleep. And, Being the first time that I am I followed doctors and the internet orders so I’d always lay her down on her back. This resulted in the back of her hair falling out and her having the smiley face look below.
I was devastated. Knowing this happens to a lot of babies I thought I had done the right things to ensure my lovebug hair would fall out. Clearly I hadn’t so, once again I found myself reaching out to my mom community of friends to see what I could do to fix this. The few answers I received were simply...
  1. Give it time
  2. Stop laying her on her back since by this point she was strong enough to rollover
  3. Try to find some satin sheets for her crib
Since number 3 was virtually impossible to find, I focused my efforts on 1 and 2, and the back of her hair has slowly been growing backJ. See progress pics below and come back next week to read our current regimen.