Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Somebody Is Obsessed With The Potty

And this mom can't do ISH about it...:-(

Yes! I'm over here pouting and my face is bright red.

If you read this blog on a regular basis you can probably tell that this is a very sensitive subject for me as mom. Since, I've known my child has been ready to be potty trained for awhile but, her daycare doesn't support it until she is 2 (part of the reason she's out of there in September). You can read all about that here

Any who, as of late Liv (peep the new nickname) has been obsessed with the potty.
  • Like anytime she see's one she wants to stop sit, sit, and sit lol. 
  • She loves coming into the restroom with me.
  • She clearly responds to questions like did you just poo poo, or do you have to pee pee.
  • She recognizes the potty
Just by those few examples you get the point but here's the kicker...

Over the weekend I took off her diaper in preparation to put her in the tub and got distracted with picking out her clothes for the week so she got to enjoy a little naked time (as my co-peep likes to call it).  Everything was going fine until she came running in  her closet and started grabbing my leg. When I looked down at her she points and says "pee pee mommy". At first I didn't see the pee so she grabbed as if she was going to lead me to a spot. But soon as I turned my body I instantly found it sitting just a foot or two behind where I was standing.  Can you say shocked? Because, I sure can. I couldn't believe it however, I calmly gathered myself and proceeded to take her to the potty and let her know that is where her pee pee belongs. If that's not a sure sign her tale needs to be using someone potty I'm not sure what is and I honestly can't wait until she starts her new school on September 2nd because even  if it doesn't solve all the problems I had with her previous daycare I know potty training won't be an issue. From day one kids are placed on the potty and is encouraged to be independent in that area.

But wait I'm not done. Let me add a little insult to injury by sharing a story from yesterday. 

In preparation for my upcoming vacation I'm working late hours so I got to Liv's daycare later than normal so when I got there her she was down visiting the little ones in the 2 year old class.  When I walked into this much larger classroom I couldn't see my baby but I heard her teachers voice so I followed the voices.  Only to find the two teachers standing near in the restroom. One teacher was changing another little girl and Liv's teacher was watching her sit on the potty (fully clothed). When they spotted me her teacher looks directly in my face and says "She's Obsessed With The Potty". To which the other teacher proceeds chimes in with "Have you considered potty training her? She ready and fits in this classroom really well." We had a brief discussion about the challenges I've faced as a parent with regards to potty training and having my child moved up and needless to say I left the staff speechless. DON'T PLAY WITH ME lol

However, as a parent I can't help but pray that because this school isn't supportive of potty training at Liv's age we aren't missing our window of opportunity. At her 18 month appointment last month her pediatrician informed me that if a child shows interest in the potty between 15 and 18 months its best to capitalize on their interest. As the peek ages for potty training otherwise, she may not be trained until two and half  or three. As we all know a month can make a drastic difference in a growing child's life so I let's hope my baby doesn't miss out because they'll be the ones I blame and send my diaper bills too lol.


  1. If you are so unhappy why don't you just leave now. No hate here, but it seems like you have been unhappy for awhile...

    1. Hi Anonymous!

      You are absolutely correct. I have been unhappy with Liv's current school for sometime and since you seem to read the blog frequently you know a plan has been put in place to switch schools. However, what you may not be aware of just yet are the contractual obligations associated with doing so my bad for not sharing that information sooner but come the start of the school year in my area she will be attending a new school. Thanks for your concern :-)

  2. Contractual Obligations...with a daycare? Girl...what? Most I've seen is a 30 day notice before you can withdraw. What they got you locked down on??

    1. See todays post for futher clarification.