Thursday, August 28, 2014

My Breatfeeding Journey

Good Morning Luvs!

Yesterday I posted a picture that had the internet on buzz a few months back and requested your honest feedback on the story (thank you to those that commented). My reason behind posting the yesterday was I wanted to share my honest opinion today.

And my first reaction to this photo was... GOOD for her.

Here’s why, I never thought I’d cry over spilled milk until I tried to become a breastfeeding mom. 

Yup! That happened to me and for real for real I cried lol.

Breastfeeding was hard as hell and the struggle to produce enough milk was REAL for me. I totally felt inadequate trying to breastfeed my child. Partly because I hadn’t considered the fact that I wouldn’t be able to do it prior to having Liv, and partly because society screams that breast milk is the best milk for your baby. And with it being free why would I consider anything else for my child, whom I want the best for?   So, I gave it 200% but those 3 months of living my life on an every 2 hours schedule, to barely get half the milk my baby needed each day, and sore nipples were no joke.

Those 3 months also gave me a great deal of appreciating and respect for moms who not only have success with breastfeeding, but choose to do so for long periods of time. Don’t get me wrong I still can’t find the appreciation for moms who have GROWN kids on their boob lol. However, I get it and think that if a child is hungry the mom should have the right to feed them immediately. Of course when in public cover ups, pumping, and going in a private corner would all be appreciated, but as a parent I now know and will never forget that in times like this you HAVE to do what’s best for your child. If a kid isn’t used to the methods above they won’t be comfortable and eat like they should, thus resulting is a miserable time for everyone around. After all there’s nothing worse than a hungry baby cry lol.

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