Tuesday, August 26, 2014

National Breastfeeding Awareness Month

Hey Luvs!

I’m back from vacation and as much as I’d love to talk about my time in Mexico I’m not. Today I’m here to discuss a topic near and dear to the hearts moms across the country... Breastfeeding. This month is National Breastfeeding Awareness Month so I want to use this last week to talk about it.  To start I want to share a pro breastfeeding article that I found in my email this morning because, I wished some had shared this with me when I was nursing.

So here it is... "Why Breastfeeding Doesn’t Have to Be All or Nothing"

If I could describe my feelings about the upcoming birth of my fourth baby in, oh, four days (I’m being induced due to some medical complications) in one word, it would be this:
It may sound crazy because I’ve had three other children already, and one would think I would be totally prepared for another little baby, but in a way, having done this three other times, I’m even more scared of what it is to come. The sleepless nights! The weight that won’t come off magically when I give birth! The challenges with older children’s attention!
But the thing that is causing me the most anxiety?
I am dreading the thought of breastfeeding again. (Sorry, future baby, if you’re reading this, but hopefully you’ll understand some day.) I tried to explain my fears to my husband and it came out in a jumbled mess of mommy guilt and tears and me muttering something like, “You can’t understand what’s it like!”
Like it or not, he can’t understand my breastfeeding fears and, in part, that’s the biggest issue for me:

Honestly, it’s hard  to describe with others what’s it like to breastfeed and the fears associated with it but, this mom makes it a little better with here suggestions.  To read the full article and get some additional tips for success with nursing visit click here.

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