Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sleepytime Shoes

Hey Luvs!

Hope you all are having an amazing time this summer like we are.  Dom and I have spent a lot of time focusing on our dreams, planning our future, and simply enjoying the person that Baby O is becoming.  She’s officially 18 months and has changed so much so I thought I’d spend this week updating you all on her progress with a few things I discussed in previous post. 

To start I want to share a quick update on...Bowed LegProblems

Last time I checked her sleepy time shoes had arrived and I was pleased to announce that she was doing well sleeping in them and doing just about everything the doctors said she wouldn’t be able to while wearing them.  Which really hasn’t changed she still enjoys putting them on at night and most mornings she wakes up in them. However, there has been one or two times her dad has walked in her room and the shoes were completely off her feet while she was straight chilling lol.

But that’s neither here nor there. The real reason I’m here sharing with you all today is because I actually believe here wearing the shoes have helped her “internal tibial torsion” out tremendously.  Dom and I noticed the correction after the first two weeks but I wanted to wait a bit before showing you all. This weekend I was finally able to get my busy little tiny tot to stay still so I snagged a few pics for you all.

Not bad at all for two months of wearing the shoes right?  She still has to wear them until September but there’s no doubt in my mind that upon return to the no eye contact, using big medical words, straight to business orthopedic specialist she will be just as pleased with her progress as we are.

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