Tuesday, July 15, 2014

O The Clothes

First and foremost I apologize for being a bit MIA there has been many changes in the mom home front or any exciting stories to share so I’ve been letting other life event take consume me.

On another note I’m here to ask you all where in the world do you purchase your kids daycare/school only clothes from because, I swear Baby O’s school ruins everything. Regardless of what I send her there in she comes home a mess and I feel like they serve spaghetti daily although my menu tells me otherwise lol.

It sucks because she totally doesn’t get them as dirty when hanging with us. However, it’s to the point where I’m strongly sending her to her new school this fall in uniforms. Can any of you help me out? And yes I’ve tried Wal mart the cute little grannamials ripped on the first wear L


  1. Try Kohl's (Jumping Bean, Sonoma), Old Navy, Children's Place, Target have great children's clothing that's pretty durable yet stylish.

  2. Thanks so much. I hadn't tried Kohl's