Tuesday, June 10, 2014

That Thing Baby O Was Standing On (Learning Tower)

Hey Luvs!

Hope everyone had a good weekend. Mine took an unexpected turn when I started to get sinus migraines on Friday which I’m honestly still trying to recover from...smh. In any case I received all your comments about “That Thing Baby O Was Standing On” in my previous post. This totally reminded me that, when I started this blog my goal was to provide product reviews. Not because any of the companies sponsor me, or to sell you on one thing over another, my goal is to hopefully provide insight on things I’ve used that have contributed to making this mom life a bit easier.

So without further ado let’s start with... “That Thing Baby O Was Standing On”

This actually what’s considered to be a Learning Tower (a fancy name for a step stool) lol. However, unlike your average step stool most of these adjust to various heights so that your child can continue to use it as he/she grows.  They been known to be very durable as well since most of the ones I looked up were made of wood.
I love, love, love how using this makes Baby O kitchen help a breeze. With her growing independence she has become mommy’s little helper but, prior to getting this I’d just have her help via her play kitchen. A little tedious I know but her balance and height didn’t quite accommodate anything else. Now that we have this she’s able to be right next me and really feels engaged in the process while being all up in my business :). Also at school they recently taught the kids how to stand at the sink and wash their hands and with this I can reinforce that lesson at home as well. We had been showing her how to wash her hands since she turned one via a regular step stool but, I was honestly always very nervous. So I would hover over her and had to watch her intently while she did so. With this cool little gadget I feel much better saying “Go wash your hands” and trusting her to do so. It’s super easy for her to climb in and out of and secure around all 4 sides so I never feel like she’ll just fall out of it.  Not to mention the first day I brought it home she climbed right in, danced, while singing (I think) for her dad and I.

Now of course with fancy step stools comes higher price tags lol. So contemplated this little contraption for a while before purchasing and did a ton of research. I found that the similar products on the market work just as well so you really don’t have to spend the $200 for it unless you really want to.  I actually was holding off for long as could in hopes of them going on sale before I lucked up via Facebook. That’s right you heard it here first...I got mine off Facebook for $20. Ten percent of the original cost (I can see the hubs smiling from ear to ear because, he picked a winner) and well worth every penny.  Knowing what I know today I would have gladly paid full price for one but I’m grateful for patience because I didn’t have to.

New Mom Tip: if you haven’t done so join your local Facebook yard sales they normally have awesome deals on great products. 

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  1. I am so glad you formally responded to my question. The things these people continue to think of for little ones. I love how there is more things on the market for babies like O... those in an awkward stage of being too independent for the size and age limitations. She can handle stairs but her legs aren't long enough to make it without assistance. Tools like this really help to make internal battle easier :) GO, Baby O!!!