Thursday, June 12, 2014

Celebrating Dads

In lieu of Father’s Day this Sunday I want to take today and tomorrow to honor the dads of the world. 
This morning I woke up to the perfect article posted by my friend Jewelle on Facebook. Below are the highlights of the article that things dads do that we seem to take for granted because; we’re so wrapped up doing our mom thing. To see the full article click here
1.     Change diapers.
2.     Chauffeur their kids around.
3.     Cook.
4.     Dress their kids.
5.     Shower their kids with affection.
6.     Get out of bed in the middle of the night.
7.     Do their daughter’s hair.
8.     Their daughter’s nails too.
9.     Clean.
10.   Handle the kid’s baths.
11.   Do the family laundry.
12.   Volunteer at school.
13.   Be stay-at-home dads by choice.
14.   Do just fine when parenting solo.
15.   Care about their kid’s emotional well-being.
16.   Appreciate their kid’s mother.
17.   Worry about whether they’re doing a good job.
18.   Put family first.
19.   Get emotional.
I for one know my hubs do or have done a lot of these things. 

Trust me I know being a mom is a thankless job in which we often feel unappreciated by our children and spouse. However, that’s no reason not to thank the men in our lives for their efforts. So with that I’d like to thank my love...

Dear. Dominique (that’s the hubs),

Thank you so much for loving and caring for our daughter unconditionally. Thank you for being a present force in her life from day one and, establishing an unbreakable bond with her. Thank you for showing Olivia what it means to be and have a good man in her life.

You are teaching her indirect lessons that she will carry throughout her life lifetime and I’m forever grateful for all that you do for her.  And, although I may not say it on a daily basis I want to know that your hard work and love is noticed and appreciated.

Olivia and Sheena 

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  1. You Are Appreciaaaaaaaaaaaated! Don't you Know I Love You Sweet Baaaaaaaaaaby! LOL! Come on Sheena, make up the new dad anthem called Dear Papa! LOL! Great post Sheena. Good Money Domo! I am glad I got a boy and don't have to worry about braiding though. LOL