Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Teething is the devil

Sorry for not posting on Mondays any longer but I honestly need the extra day to get my life. The last few weekends in my household have been spent with an uber clingy (to mom only) and whining Baby O. She has teeth 15 and 16 coming through and they are making for a very unhappy tiny tot. 

Hence why I feel that teething is the devil. For all the moms who are thinking it or ever thought it...It's finally out in the universe lol. No in all seriousness it feels as if I've spent the last year of Baby O's life with her teething. It's been a mess, not only do she get super attached to mommy, but she also has a ton of sleepless nights and some God awful diarrhea behind it. With so many looooooonnnnnggggg nights it's totally hard to imagine the days where I was excited for her first tooth to come. All I can think about now is how I wouldn't wish these teething nightmares on my worst enemy lol. 

In any case...

If you have a child that suffers from chronic teething (Yup! I just diagnosed Baby O) like mine and insist on having all 20 baby teeth by the time she's just over a  year old try remain patient. Although it's hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but this too shall pass. And when everything else fails you can always invest in the items below to see if it helps easy your child's level of discomfort. 
  • ORAJEL TEETHING SWABS - Using this will make sure those little sharp teeth in baby’s mouth don’t come down on your fingers :)
  • Frozen yogurt - Just take a regular go-gurt pack and freeze it
  • Children’s Motrin - A little at night can help make sure everyone sleeps well
  • Cold Washcloth
  • Crunch Snacks - Baby O loves to much on Cheerios when teething
  • Plenty of mommy cuddles throughout the night

Fellow heartbeats....
What remedies do you have for dealing with teething?

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