Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Here Comes Easter

Last year we took Baby O to Sesame Street live and although she had limited exposure to the show she honestly had the time of her life. She sat there the entire show singing and dancing to all the songs. It was amazing to watch her enjoy herself and led me to want her to have more exposure to the brand. As she continues to grow and explore the world around her I don’t think there is a better time than the present.
This is why this year as I begin to teach her about the importance of Easter I plan to incorporate Sesame Street in her understanding from the commercial perspective of the holiday.  I plan to create a Sesame Street themed Easter basket. No my planning behind haven’t put the basket together yet. I’ve just found some very key elements to go into it based on the things she enjoys daily...
The Basket
As we all know every kid must have a Easter basket. I had been admiring the beauty of this basket in my local grocery store for some time now. With this being my first purchase of a basket for her, I wanted to ensure that I got the perfect one. Wanting a basket that would stand the length of time so I could use it for all her Easters to come (a little piece of tradition).I passed this one each week and would think to myself is perfect. So, Once it went on sale I purchased it.
The Elmo
Since most children Baby O’s age tend to love Elmo I figured I’d start her Sesame Street introduction with him. Of course, I found a ton of Elmo products during my search, but there was one that truly spoke to something she loves (music). Once I spotted Let's Rock Elmo I knew he would be perfect for the center of her basket. I purchased it about a month ago and have been hiding it. She's reallyinto stuffed animals and dolls right now so I know once she gets her hands on it there’s no turning back lol.
The Book
In my search for Elmo products I came across an awesome living social deal which, allowed you to personalize a book for your child. As luckwould have it the character they choose to use in the book was Elmo. I snatched that deal up quickly and personalized a book for my love. It came in the mail over the weekend and I can’t wait to sit on her room floor so she can read it to me:). She loves books and pretend read to me each night before her bath.
The Book
I think with these items and a few other little touches her 1st Easter basket is well on its way to being PERFECT. She already has the collecting eggs portion of the day down, which means I better get to reading her some Easter stories so she truly understands the reason for the season.


  1. her basket is going to be amazing! I love the personalized book! I can't wait to share our basket deets later this week. You would be proud! I assembled Z's basket last Thursday!

    1. OMG Tabby I can't wait to the big reveal...