Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Bowed Leg Problems

As I sit here nervous as ever for Baby O's 9:40 appointment with a pediatric orthopedic specialist I can't help but pray that the outcome of today's visit is no different than the last...

A few weeks ago I received a frantic call from her teacher saying that Baby O wasn't acting her normal self. She informed me that she had a really bad cough and there was a coughing virus going around the class. With her not sure if the virus was contagious I immediately chucked my co-peeps the deuces and headed to get my baby to take her to the doctor.

Turns out her allergies and asthma were just acting up so she'd have to start breathing treatments again... Thank God. However, as Baby O was walking out and blowing kiss bye to the staff the doctor stopped us in our tracks. She noticed the bowed legs y'all and begin to express concern. Just like that my I'm a good mom high was blown, and the ever so concerned mom reared her ugly head. Leaving the doctor stressed as hell with breathing treatments, allergy medication, a referral to the dentist (for all those damn teeth), and a othropedics specialist was just too much.

Powering through the anxiety I made the appointment. We arrived with me expecting the worse (from my web md research) only for him to tell me that in his opinion she was growing as she should. Yes! her legs didn't concern him, may baby was clear until he hit me with a... However. Since children weren't his speciality he'd prefer I get a second opinion from someone who only sees kids. 

So now I sit waiting on more good news hopefully :). Even tho, I Lost all eight hours of sleep lastnight and woke up concerned, watching my active lovebug play this morning reminded me that no matter what this doctor says she's perfect.  

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