Friday, April 11, 2014

Fit Friday: My Goals

Happy Fit Friday Luvs!
I started this post with the image up top because hat’s exactly what I’ve decided to do. After posting my mom body sorrows with you all I got to WORK and I love the results in how I feel.  I don’t quiet have a workout routine in place but I have set my goals.
  • Workout at least 5 days a week
  • Eat clean at least 6 days a week
  • Focus on Inches and not Weight I’m pretty happy with my size just would like to be shaped differently so my inch goals are;
  1. Waist – 26 I’m currently a 28.5 and started at 31
  2. Hips – 40 I’m currently a 38 and started at 36
My plan is nice and simple I didn’t want to over complicate things but wanted to make sure my goals weren’t too easy yet obtainable. I’m working and will be sure to post progress pictures when I can see my results. Of course, since I’m already small this will take time but I’m encouraged :). 

For those of you still on the fence about getting started you a more fit you here’s a little fitspiration for you...


  1. I like when you said, "...wanted to make sure my goals weren't too easy, yet obtainable." So many of us have this outrageous goal and think it can be done within a small time frame. I'm guilty of wanting Janet Jackson abs and J.Lo booty, thinking I can get all that in just 30 days (like the infomercials lead you to believe). I used to get mad when my "30 days" were up and I look in the mirror only to see the same woman I was at day 1. Frustrated that the numbers weren't adding up, that I didn't see what everyone else claim they saw. People think because we're former athletes that this comes easy to us. Yeah it may have came naturally to that 14yr-21yr old body, but we're Fabulously Flirty 30(+) now (lawd have mercy), and these bodies don't bounce back/recover like they used to.

    Now that I've learned patience and how to set realistic goals for myself and my body type, I'm more at peace with my fitness journey.

    1. Right Chelsi. The struggle is real and as we are getting older the it gets harder. All we can do is continue to do is strive toward the best Fabulously Flirty 30(+) person we are meant to be.