Monday, February 24, 2014

Olivia Madison

Hey Luvs!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  We finally got a break from Old Man Winter in the DC area so the hubs and I got out and enjoyed it... since Olivia ditched us to hang out with her honoree aunts, lol.  Anyway, that's secondary to the reason I'm here today :).

This is the day that I introduce you all to my External HeartBEAT - the vibrant, infectious, and amazing joy of my world, Ms. Olivia Madison. Today, she's a little over one year old and everyone that has ever met her just LOVES her whole little life; I already know you all will too.

At one year, she's showing us who's boss...

MOBILE. She walks around the place like she owns it.

VOCAL. She yells talks every chance she gets. My little lovebug is very vocal and loves to express herself in gibberish lol.

INDEPENDENT.  She drinks from Dixie cups (for the most part).
Most of all, she's a happy, healthy and beautiful tiny tot who loves exploring the world around her.  She has taught her father and me so much! She is truly coming into her own and I'm certain one day she will leave some very impressionable marks on this world :)

Oh, and for those of you that are wondering what happened during the year that you missed, don't worry!  A trip down Memory Lane is in your future.


  1. I love that baby and this post. She is such a doll! #datmyhoney

  2. Thanks Tabs. Why do I crack up everytime I read that hash tag... lol

  3. OMG she is such a big girl!!!! Dixie cups already! #getem #proudauntie I cant stand seeing 5 year olds with bottles lol #goodjobparents

    1. LOL me either MS. Lici. Your niece is growing fast and I'm enjoying every moment of it.