Tuesday, October 7, 2014

What A Difference...

So last night during the normal Brown house dinner time shenanigans where Liv sits on my lap, I try to eat over her, when she is digging her hands in our plates, taking her bits of food, trying to feed me, and yelling OFF CoCo (In my liv voice). I could help but think...What a difference a few months make in a toddlers life.  Over the last few months Liv has become her own little person and 20 months has definitely been where it’s at with my tiny tot.

Not only has she found her voice and a ton of words, I can totally carry on a conversation with her. Of course, there are the times that she babbles endlessly and get super hyped about the story she’s telling and NO ONE understands her but, guess what those times are rare. I no longer have to be afraid that if Dom and I leave her with others they won’t understand her because everyone who encounter Liv these days...Speak Liv lol. Oh and let me tell you she also eats much better than before. Y’all remember my Battle ofWheels post I wrote a few months back well the battle is over. She ask for the foods she wants, and has the nerve to grab your hand and walk you too them sometimes.

I just love it and had to come share how amazed by my little toddler I am with you all. 

Fellow HeartBEATS

Do you ever sit back in amazement f your children?

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